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To all our wonderful and loyal guests,

We trust all is well and that you and your loved ones are keeping safe.

Since our last announcement (after freedom day was delayed) when we decided to reclose, we have continued to monitor the footfall around our venue, and in London in general, and have assessed the likely level of trade on reopening of our businesses.

We have had to take some really tough decisions; some really serious measures to ensure that our flagship and original site, steeped in history in Leicester Square, will survive.

These decisions were not taken lightly and we firmly believe they will pave the way for the long term survival of the Cork & Bottle brand. It will also protect the employment of the wonderful and brilliant team members that are still with us and who remain loyal to the C&B brand.

This essentially still remains a cash flow crisis, not just for us but for UK hospitality in general, and without any further help from the UK government we continue to work with our bank and other key stakeholders to see us through the next three to six months.

We understand our business and the summer months are notoriously quieter throughout July and August as our core customers traditionally go on holiday, enjoy the summer with their children and frequent parks and outdoor spaces to enjoy the sunnier outlook rather than a basement venue in Leicester Square. While we can continue to take advantage of the job retention scheme, we have taken the difficult decision to delay opening until at least August 24th. Whilst we would love to open from July 19th, we know what our likely trade level will be from the period we briefly opened for in May and June. It will fall below our required breakeven. We need to wait for theatres to be full and tourists (both domestic and overseas) to be more plentiful and give us the boost in trade we need.

Regretfully, we will be keeping our booking channels closed and will open them again as soon as we can confirm our relaunch date.

We are sincerely sorry to have to deliver this saddest of news but we know you will rebook once we are confident we have sufficient trade to be cash flow positive again and hope you can trust us to make these difficult decisions.

We cannot wait to welcome you all back in the Cork & Bottle again in all its glory.

Please follow us on our social media or check back here for all updates.

Salut, Will

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