Another take on aromatic wines

Another take on aromatic wines
23rd June 2015 admin

Our new shipment from this family firm has just arrived. I have been selling these guy’s wines since 1965……… They are amazing value for money, so enjoy!

To say that Alsace wines keep a low profile would be putting it mildly. “The wine trade’s wines” is a common put down, and unfortunately it has a certain ring of truth. The people selling the stuff enjoy them religiously whilst their customers tend to think about other things!

In 1979 when I owned two places – the “Cork & Bottle” and “Shampers”, and we sold 10% of the total Alsace sales in Britain. But, these were the days BC ‘Before Oz Chardonnay’.Nevertheless sales are still healthy and we feature a marvellous family house. It was founded in 1853 and the estate consists of 21 hectares in and around Mittelbergheim, right in the heart and soul of the viticultural area. It is run by the fifth generation brothers Jean-Daniel and Thomas. The wines are renowned throughout most of Europe and the United States, but not well-known in Britain. That’s everyone else’s problems …..Not ours!

Here are the wines that have just arrived………And, pardon me for being a bore – but they are AMAZING value for money.

Aromatic – soft and flowery with an easy-going finish.

RIESLING 2010 23.50
A super aromatic and bone-dry white.” Racy fruit and subtle nuances” says Jean-Daniel.

PINOT GRIS 2010 26.50
Just about every winemaker in the New World has just discovered the virtues of this magical grape; the family have been working on its glories for a mere 400 years! This beauty has slightly smoky overtones with a long, opulent finish. Recently a high-flying Washington State winemaker brought in a bottle of his ultra expensive “Boutique” Pinot Gris (we would have to list it at £50 plus). “The finest from the West Coast” he said: I wasn’t too impressed and poured him a glass of Boeckel, and he went very quiet!

A one bottle example of the capricious glories of this underestimated grape. Full bodied with a plethora of spices…..

One of the best light Pinots I have ever tasted. Zingy raspberry and strawberry fruits with a subtle, smooth and sexy finish. Best lightly chilled from our ‘Pinot & Beaujolais Fridge’. In other words, not half blood frozen like most Parisian wine bars.


And, by the way, The Alsace region is one of the great wine tourism destinations in the world. Nowadays a number of airlines fly into Strasbourg – rent a car and tour in peace away from the hustle and bustle of high density tourism. The tiny roads meander through dozens of medieval villages, all with marvellous bars, cafes and restaurants. The wineries sell a large percentage of their wines to Germans crossing the border hoping to load their car boots with aromatic yet bone-dry whites (as opposed to the stuff back home) …so they are invariably open for tasting.

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